Liquid, Inc

Company Background:

Liquid was founded in 2008 as Liquid Wireless and acquired by Publishers Clearing House (PCH) in 2011.  Today, Liquid is Publishers Clearing House’s (PCH) comprehensive ad solutions platform for all digital media. Liquid leverages first-party PCH consumer profiles to deliver scalable, data-powered ad products for app developers, performance marketers, brands, and agencies.

Business Challenge:

Following the acquisition, Liquid Wireless continued to experience business growth along with increasing brand recognition in the market place.  In 2014, Liquid Wireless acquired its own programmatic platform, which furthered capabilities to be an industry leader.  It also marked a critical point for the company to brand recognizably in the digital media market place.

We examined and explored different splices of the brand

  • What is the level of brand awareness currently in the marketplace?
  • How should the Publishers Clearing House name be most optimally leveraged?


Divvi Up designed a survey related to the selection of a new name for Liquid Wireless.  The survey was distributed to pre-qualified individuals that represent the online advertising community.  Through market feedback on the variation of Liquid + PCH, the goal was to make a marketplace-based recommendation of what the new brand name should be.


Through the research, we found that combining Liquid and Publishers Clearing House would be the most compelling treatment of the two brands.  As a result, the recommendation was to preserve the name Liquid while leveraging the established legacy of Publishers Clearing House.  In 2015, Liquid Wireless was branded as Liquid Powered by PCH.